About Paige Zeigler

Obsessed with tech since 1990. Part of what WIRED dubbed as AOL's "youth corps" from May '96-July '99. Taught myself to play piano on Nintendo, type using an electronic typewriter, e-mail on eWorld, and program in RAINMAN. High-school dropout who later joined Google at age 20 as the youngest member of the sales organization. Between 2009-2015, was also known to occasionally moonlight as a neuroscience nurse. 

  • Now: San Francisco living. Work in venture capital.
  • Minimalist: I feel more free when I own fewer things.
  • Aiming to finish 50 books this year.

I'm impatiently optimistic about the intersection of tech, science, and healthcare, specifically the continued progress of global gender equality, vaccine programs, disease screening paradigms, and reducing maternal mortality. 

Cool gigs in life:

  • First entrepreneurial adventure at age 10 running a horse show with my dad (total profits: $800) --> started my own company at age 26 and another at age 29
  • Building an award-winning print magazine throughout 2015
  • Leading social media comms for the Qwake team when they brought the first volcano online in 2016 and speechwriting with explorer Sam Cossman in 2017
  • Executive Business Partner to Jeff Huber, the founding CEO of an early cancer detection startup and the only U.S. company to raise a billion dollars in 2017
  • Aunt to Evan and Travis (definitely the coolest gig)

Supporter of public radio, The New York Times, The Information, Committee to Protect Journalists, and Planned Parenthood.

From those to whom much is given, much is expected.